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Book Review: 'The E-Myth Revisited' by Michael E. Gerber

Updated: Mar 29

Get your copy here: Michael E. Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited is a book that looks into the reasons why small businesses tend to fail. For any small business, the principal factor lies in dealing with the challenges and pitfalls that occur at every stage, especially in the beginning. This book deals with ways, strategies and tactics to avoid such issues, or manage them with greater conviction. It takes readers across all the steps one takes in business, from the beginning to the growing and maturing stages, and the necessary lessons to be applied at each of these stages.

Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited delves into what makes for the essence of entrepreneurship, and uses narrative and storytelling to inspire entrepreneurs into facing, managing and balancing the successful launch and progress of small businesses. It looks at ways to successfully run a business, while challenging the conventional notions on how to do so in an increasingly competitive modern world.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to assume that skill, expertise and talent are the most important factors in determining business success. What they commonly fail to recognize is that these technical factors are useful, but they don’t automatically lead to success in itself. Aspects like management and entrepreneurship, which may need learning, adapting and evolving, are as important as pure skill. 

Gerber observes that a big part of the management and entrepreneurial aspect is to understand how systems and processes work. Systems and processes essentially work by means of replication and scale. So when new business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to establish their businesses – as they often come with technical knowledge on their chosen areas of interest — they’re focussed on running things as usual, in a day-to-day operational-style. But what ought to matter is a rethink from short-term to long-term planning and strategy. The key factor in this shift is to learn and understand the art of developing and standardizing processes, documenting tasks and creating the foundations and framework that help a business get on the path to sustainable growth.

Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited explains one of the most important concepts: the power of franchising. A concept that, he believes, every entrepreneur or small business owner needs to know about, whether they are thinking of a franchising strategy or not. Adopting the mindset of a franchisor resets business owners and forces them to think more entrepreneurially, whilst considering the art of building systems and processes that create efficient roles, responsibilities and outputs. These factors, he shows, have the potential to enhance business performance and effectiveness, while helping it grow and scale even if the goal wasn’t a franchising strategy.

Gerber'sThe E-Myth Revisited illustrates the art of creating and sustaining business processes and practices with a range of examples and case studies that help readers gain ground with a practical perspective. He covers all aspects of business, from marketing, management, culture and team building to finance. The book offers insights for all sorts of readers, from students to entrepreneurial aspirations, small business owners to big company heads. The E-Myth Revisited is a great business read that taps into each and every stage of business and is therefore a useful guide to navigate different aspects of a business journey. 

Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited also enumerates and builds on a key distinction that many entrepreneurs tend to overlook. Which is that there’s a big difference between working on one’s business and working in one’s business. By inspiring entrepreneurs about this fundamental difference, even from a philosophical level, it resets the mind and prepares them to understand exactly what they’re onto and about. This book helps every reader think about business with a fresh lens, and grow their businesses in a comprehensive, predictably effective way, and is therefore an essential business read. Get your copy here:



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