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Book Review: 'Lean In' by Sheryl Sandberg

Updated: Mar 29

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Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In is a book that brings insight and reasoning to account for why men hold the majority of leadership positions in business, industry and government. Which is a discussion, when women account for more than 50% of the graduates. This book brings to light the challenges women face and deal with, while offering practical advice on how to go about meeting those challenges, so they can go on to compete and achieve the kind of success that reflects their true potential. 

Sandberg’s insights are compelling, and come with authority and real experiences, given her credentials as the COO of Facebook. She’s also among the Fortune 500’s Most Powerful Women in Business, and is a perfect inspiration for women in many ways. From leadership advice and mentorship to negotiation techniques and more, this is a book that covers a range of chapters that can serve as a guide for achieving success in professional careers.

Sandberg’s Lean In looks into a variety of internal, external and institutional factors that hold women back from achieving success in business and workplaces. One of her suggestions is that women need to set themselves up to take more risks, seek challenges and pursue their goals with more enthusiasm and conviction. She urges women to break barriers, and overcome social restrictions to move forward. And in considering these factors, she discusses gender equality and related factors that are challenging conversations worth having. 

Sandberg’s Lean In is a book that serves as a conduit to change because it urges women to take the plunge and go forth in taking on social norms. She inspires women to become more entrepreneurial in crushing self-doubt, and lean into bigger and more compelling ambitions. She reveals several stories from her own life, career and relationships, and the setbacks she had to face at each step of her progression. She highlights several systematic challenges along the way that could dampen ambitions but that women need to keep fighting at it to be the change they wish to see. As the COO of Facebook, she’s been a champion of gender equality and has made substantial shifts in fighting for, and achieving, greater representation for women in leadership positions. The book offers strategies for women to consider and realize their path to success with confidence. 

Sandberg’s Lean In highlights the issue of imposter syndrome, a barrier women commonly face. Imposter syndrome is essentially the feeling of low-confidence, because one feels that they are not qualified, inadequate or unworthy about doing or running something. This is an issue that many women face at several stages in their professional path. Sandberg helps women ease out of these barriers by exposing the psychological factors that hold women back. In addressing these, she helps women overcome their doubt and handle opportunities with more conviction.

Sandberg’s Lean In also looks at managing work-life balance, which is a key challenge many women face when they are navigating successful careers. She calls for creating and facilitating supportive environments that allow greater flexibility, while advocating for policies that support better ways to integrate work and life without being a burden for progress. 

Sandberg’s Lean In is a book that pushes women to break gender stereotypes, which has been a major factor in denting their progress. She helps women rethink traditional gender roles, inspiring them to pursue equality. She also calls for more diversity and inclusive environments that create better work environments.

Sandberg’s Lean In also explains the power of mentorship. She pushes women to find the right mentors and learn from their challenges and advice. Similarly, she also calls for women to mentor other women to help support their stories. Mentorships aren’t just a way to aid advancing careers, they’re also a way to advance the human self, inspiring meaningful lives and opportunities to realise oneself.

Sandberg’s Lean In is a book that helps women find their grit, and be more authentic in their leadership approach. She helps women find their voice and offers a number of strategies that encourage executive excellence, work-life balance, diverse, inclusive workforce that supports better leadership, ambition and progress. 

This is a powerful book that highlights and addresses a variety of crucial issues that hold women back from achieving success, professionally and personally. It contains several stores, practical advice and strategies that can serve as a useful guide to all women. It’s a book that’s worth reading because it sparks conversation about many pressing women issues, while providing the means to greater women empowerment. Get your copy here:



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