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Book Review: 'Fanatical Prospecting' by Jeb Blount

Get your copy here: Jeb Blout’s Fanatical Prospecting is an exciting book that challenges the notion that we’re living in a world where sales people are made to believe that sales strategies and tactics are the most important part of activity in sales. Blout proposes the idea that prospecting — the art of thinking about and filling one’s pipeline ought to be the most important activity in sales, rather than the sales tactics themselves, because it defines the gap between performing and underperforming. Whether you’re a seasoned sales person, leader, entrepreneur, business executive or marketing professional, Jeb Blout’s Fanatical Prospecting helps you identify the power of prospecting, which determines the consistency of one’s worth.  Blout explores the approach of prospecting in detail, one that works with real people, in the real world, with real prospects. The book informs readers to understand how to keep a pipeline, a methodological framework that can work across multiple prospecting channels, all while avoiding sales slums. It explores a number of concepts, like the '30-Day Rule', 'Law of Replacement', 'Law of Familiarity', '5Cs of Social Selling', '5 Step Phone Framework', '4 Step Email Prospecting Framework', '7 Step Text Message Prospecting Framework' and so on. This is probably the most comprehensive book on prospecting, helping readers improve their sales productivity and sales income, establishing the tools needed to navigate resistance, pains, conversations and closing.

We’re living in a fast world that requires sales people to perform, generate leads and close deals with speed. Jeb Blout’s Fanatical Prospecting is a useful guide to navigate the dilemma, motivating sales people with the guidance to master the art of prospecting, while delivering sustainable growth. Blout’s book isn't just a book, but a manifesto to inspire sales people to progress with confidence, eliminate obstacles, and stay prepared with the frameworks needed to achieve in today’s hyper-competitive business world.

Jeb Blout’s Fanatical Prospecting explores the fundamental driver of sales, a fanatical mindset that prioritizes proactive outreach, perpetual engagement and relentless following up. This allows pipelines to be full, leading to opportunities that sustain revenues. The book exposes a number of techniques based on Blouts’ decades of experiences both as a sales leader and consultant. From cold-calling to emails, social selling and networking, the book covers all touchpoints that salespeople can tap in to reach their prospects. Readers get an overview on each channel, while enumerating them with a number of tactics that can be deployed at each channel, tailored for specific contexts, helping them stick out, break the noise, and create opportunities for meaningful conversations. Blout argues that the root cause of sales slumps is the lack of relentless effort and focus. He acknowledges a paradox salespeople face: the prospecting paradox. A situation in which prospecting is seen as a tedious activity, faced with rejections, but without a steady stream of leads, closing deals becomes a tiresome and stressful battle. He introduces a fanatical formula, combining mindset, activity and metric.

The big challenge for any sales person is this ability to replenish one’s pipelines with new opportunities to offset any inevitable losses and churn. Jeb Blout’s Fanatical Prospecting introduces the concept of the ‘Law of Replacement’, designed to help sales people navigate this challenge. It explores the number of ways to blunt the stress and maintain a healthy balance between prospecting new business and nurturing existing one. The book inspires people to stay and adopt a proactive mindset that puts long term growth over short-term gains. The way a sales person approaches their prospecting strategy is greatly determined by their mindset and attitude. Values like resilience, determination, preparedness and dealing with rejection are all some aspects that can serve as tools to salespeople in their prospecting approach. The book helps readers resist setbacks and see opportunities in every episode, helping them improve and grow.

Sales people have to consider the difference between volume and relevance, and think about their prospecting approaches based on striking a balance. The book trains them to recognize that sales is a prospecting game, and supercharging one’s pipelines allows transforming sales people toward reaching sales performances that allows unparalleled success in today’s highly competitive business marketplace.

Jeb Blout’s Fanatical Prospecting goes beyond the basics, and introduces a new take on what ought to matter in sales: the art of prospecting. It inspires salespeople to prioritize prospecting, with restlessness and consistency, and explores a variety of themes: creating a pipeline strategy that sustains business growth; preparing with mindset and persistence, to achieve resilience and determination to stay motivated, confident and successful; covering the ground with multi-channel prospecting approach that works across a number of touchpoints and contexts. Overall, this is a definitive book in prospecting — an area that’s largely undermined in a world that tends to focus mostly on the strategy of sales. It explores fundamental concepts in creating, maintaining and succeeding with sales performances that help salespeople excel in the competitive world of sales. Get your copy here:



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